Creative Easter Basket Ideas


Many stores carry premade Easter baskets with generic items ranging from candy bars to video games. By creating your own Easter baskets, you can include treats and surprises that you know your children will enjoy. Be creative and remember that you don't have to fill the baskets with candy. Think about your children's interests when planning what to put in their baskets. Your children will surely be excited about Easter baskets personalized just for them.


Wicker baskets are traditional for Easter baskets, but consider other types of creative containers such as plastic sandbox buckets, upside-down hats, colorful plastic bowls or plates, or a new pillowcase. You can have your children create their own Easter "baskets" by decorating white or brown paper lunch sacks with crayons, markers and stickers. You can also start a family tradition of using the same baskets or containers every year.


Use colored construction paper as an alternative to plastic grass filler, which can be messy. Cut or tear the paper into small pieces or put whole pieces of paper through a shredder and then crumple the strips. You can also use fabric swatches (available at most fabric stores) as basket filler. If you don't want to fill your child's basket with loads of candy, include just a few candies and then fill the rest of the basket with healthy snacks or non-food surprises. Some options are small bags of snack or trail mix, granola or granola bars, sunflower seeds and nuts. Non-edible items could include bubbles, stickers, a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, or small toys from a dollar store. Use plastic eggs to hold surprises such as coins, small rubber stamps or candy. For older children or teenagers who might not be excited about a traditional Easter basket, give them a bag or plate with some of their favorite foods, books, bath items or money. Make a coupon book with coupons for staying up late, not having to do chores, or picking what to have for dinner.


Create themed Easter baskets that reflect your child's interests. Fill a flowerpot with plastic or safe metal gardening tools and seeds to plant. For an artist's basket, include craft supplies such as markers, crayons, clay and a coloring book. If you want to put religious items in a basket, visit a Christian bookstore for religious stickers, books and jewelry. For a child who likes to read and write, include one or two books, pens, a fun bookmark and a notepad.

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