Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers


Buying Easter gifts for toddlers can be a bit tricky because you may not want to get the young child a lot of sugar-filled treats. Much of the traditional Easter fare revolves around candy and chocolate, a lot of which could be forbidden because of health concerns (too many additives, for example) or choking concerns (jelly beans, for example). Thankfully, there are several ideas for Easter gifts for the younger set that don't involve candy. If you don't mind a little sugar on Easter, there are a few toddler-safe snacks that will go over well.


If you don't want buy your toddler the traditional chocolate bunny found in most Easter baskets, you can still stick with the bunny theme by buying her a Jack-in-the-box featuring a bunny, or by purchasing a large, stuffed rabbit. Jack-in-the-boxes are a great toy for toddlers because they help them refine their fine-motor skills; it usually takes quite a while before the toddler will tire of seeing the bunny hop out of the box over and over. Children also loved stuffed animals at this age because they are soft and cuddly, and they may even want to sleep the stuffed bunny.

Easter Basket Treats

Just because the drug stores are hawking dozens of types of Easter candy doesn't mean you have to fill your toddler with lots of processed sugar. You can fill a small basket with toddler-safe treats, such as Cheerios, animal crackers and small toys. Some examples of small toys include toy cars, crayons, stickers and Play-Doh. If a little sugar on Easter doesn't bother you, mini M&Ms are perfect sweet treats for toddler Easter baskets.


Fill out your budding reader's library with a series of Easter-themed board books that he can flip through. Take time on Easter morning to sit with your child and read through the new books. At this age, toddlers want quality time with their loved ones more they want any items you can buy in a store. Reading new books are a great way to spend that time while fostering a love for reading.

Plastic Eggs

Toddlers will love prying open plastic eggs to see what is hidden inside. You can fill them with many of the items found in the Easter Basket Treats ideas. Many drugstores sell plastic eggs that are larger in size, so you can put items inside that can't be swallowed. If you can't find the larger eggs, most toddlers are simply happy to go on an Easter egg hunt in the house to find the brightly colored eggs, even if there is nothing inside.

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