Easter Computer Games for Kids

Easter is a cheerful and celebratory time, often bringing together families to enjoy activities and games. In the modern age, many of these games have made electronic transitions, especially as more children are familiar with computer and online gaming as a source of leisure activity. Easter-themed games are readily available online, and there are several that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Simple Egg Coloring

The online egg-decorating template provided by Chateau Meddybemps is a simple coloring computer game that can be enjoyed by children of all ages with minimal computer skills. The templates provide a colorless egg with minimal design lines and a color palate. After clicking the color selection, click inside the egg for the color to fill in. After the egg has been fully colored, you can press the PLAY AGAIN button and the egg will revert back to a colorless egg you can decorate again. This game is especially good for young children.

Easter Jigsaw Puzzle

At BlackDog Games, there are many Easter-themed jigsaw puzzles that can be downloaded and completed offline. The puzzles that can be completed on the computer come in 9, 25 and 64 pieces, with more pieces being higher in difficulty. Currently these puzzles can only be accessed with PCs.

Easter Egg Drawing

The Easter Egg Drawing at Prongo Games is more difficult than the previous Easter egg decorating game. The drawing game provides various colored pencils that your child can use to draw personal images and decorations onto blank eggs. This game is best for slightly older children or children who may be too old for the more simple decoration game.

Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt, designed by Jerry Jindrich, is a simple computer game that is especially appropriate for young children just learning computer skills. The task of the game is to find the Easter eggs hidden on the screen shot, then drag them to the Easter basket. Once completed, you can press the START AGAIN button and the eggs will be hidden in different locations.

Easter Match Game

The Easter-themed concentration game is perfect for slightly older children or children who are familiar with standard concentration games. Each card that is flipped over has an Easter image, such as bunnies, eggs and candy. Because there are very minor differences in cards, this game is slightly more difficult for young children.

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