Baby's First Homemade Easter Basket


A baby's first experience can be powerful for the child and the parent: first words, first steps and first celebrations. Even though they may not understand all the implications of holidays, babies are just as excited and involved as other members of the family. To get your baby really involved with the celebration, make his first Easter basket a truly memorable and inspiring gift with some simple homemade ideas.


Just because it is called an Easter "basket," don't assume you have to use the traditional wicker holder to contain the goodies. Consider replacing the basket with a practical container that the baby will enjoy using or playing with. For instance, if you are planning your child's first trip to the beach in the upcoming summer, fill a bucket with goodies; the baby can later use that bucket for playing in the sand at the beach. Similarly, homemade containers made of empty boxes can entertain your child; decorate one yourself with the baby's favorite colors, shapes or cartoon characters so that she will not simply overlook the basket and go right to goodies inside. Presenting an entertaining or useful basket can get the baby engaged in the celebration before she even notices the treats inside.

Avoid Candy

For one so young, traditional Easter candy might not be the best choice to fill his basket. Don't go with candy just because it's what everyone else puts into their baskets; you know what your baby likes best. If he is learning to eat on his own, healthy but small snacks, such as dry cereal or raisins, can keep the refined sugar out of his system and also give him a sense of independence as he feeds himself these bite-size morsels.

Personalize It

If you keep a scrapbook of your baby's first moments, placing personalized goodies and gifts in her first Easter basket can make the event truly memorable. Even if the treat is as simple as a piece of stationery from the "Easter Bunny" with the baby's name and date on it, you can have a homemade record of this groundbreaking occasion. If you want to get a little more advanced with personalizing, play to your strengths. If you like to sew, give the baby an embroidered sign or wall hanging that displays her first Easter date. If you like to carve, make her a wooden rabbit or chick toy with the date engraved in it. Especially at this young age, your baby will be excited by what excites you, so satisfy both of you by playing to your strengths to document this momentous occasion.

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