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Easter dinner is considered a time when friends and family gather at the table to celebrate the Easter holiday. Easter is a traditional Christian holiday. People of all faiths do celebrate it today. Easter dinner consists of a variety of foods that can be served to guests and enjoyed while celebrating the holiday.


For Christians, Easter recognizes the resurrection of Christ as an important day in biblical history dating back to two days after his death on Good Friday around the years of 26 and 36 AD. Easter dinner has been a symbolic way for loved ones to come together in unity and peace. Easter can also symbolize the Easter Bunny and has become a commercialized holiday. Most areas of the world, especially the United States and Canada, combine Easter dinner with gift giving and an Easter egg hunt.


Easter Dinner is often times an occasion where extended families come together to eat and share a meal at the dinner table. Some family members come in from all over the country and world to share a feast with loved ones at Easter. Easter Dinner is also considered an indulgence for those who gave up certain foods and chocolates for Lent---allowing them to consume the sweets and fattening foods they may have given up for days.


Easter Dinner can be a way for people attending the dinner to form a potluck where everyone brings a dish to pass in order to complete the meal. Easter dinner can be eaten at a restaurant or catered which comes in handy for large groups who do not have the facilities to hold Easter Dinner. Some Easter dinners are often held at churches and community centers where hungry guests can have dinner served or prepared. By donating food and money to food banks, shelters and charitable organizations, one can help community centers provide free Easter meals to the less fortunate.


The main type of food that is served at Easter dinner traditionally is ham. Ham can be smoked or slow cooked and served with a variety of foods such as mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, salad, and bread. Other substitutes are turkey and rack of lamb. For those who are vegetarians, vegetable casseroles, Tofurky, nuts, and salad combinations make for Easter dinner treats. Dessert is nearly always served after the meal. Pies, candies and cookies are traditionally served.

Time Frame

Easter dinner is typically held on Easter Sunday, the Sunday immediately following Good Friday, although dates change every year according to the Georgian Calendar. Easter dinner is typically held immediately following Easter service at the church.

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