Ideas for Children's Easter Basket

There's nothing wrong with giving a child a wicker basket full of chocolates and other sweets for Easter, but the potential is great to do something more. Celebrating Easter doesn't have to be all about candy--like Halloween, there comes a point when even the child with the sweetest tooth has his fill. Cut the child's sugar intake by packing Easter baskets with less common but equally appreciated fillings.


Delivering the Easter goodies in a different package can show your creativity and give the child a little something else in the bargain. For example, the budget-saving advice site The Dollar Stretcher recommends plastic sand buckets, Easter bonnets (for younger girls), lunch boxes for school-age children, novelty pillowcases, or make-up kits for teenage girls. You may also try a baseball cap with the logo of the child's favorite sports team.

Color, Not Just Candy

Pastel colors make up a large part of the Easter aesthetic. Let the goods inside the Easter basket reflect that. Possible fillings include pastel-colored art supplies such as sidewalk chalk, crayons, colored pencils or watercolors. For teenage girls, try pale pink eyeshadow, lipstick or nail polish, or pastel-colored accessories such as socks, hair ties and other accessories. Younger children and their older siblings might also enjoy temporary hair coloring.

Gifts and Toys

Don't let an Easter basket's size stop you from delivering useful and enjoyable presents. This can include small items such as miniature cars, action figures, bubbles, activity books, modeling clay and rubber stamps. If you're crafty, use the scraps from your other projects to make duck and bunny finger puppets. For older children or teenagers, try gift cards (especially for downloadable music,) baseball cards, earrings, wrist bands or funky shoelaces.

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