Games to Play at Easter With Young Children

Easter themed games keep children entertained during an Easter party, school party or during Sunday school. Playing games related to Easter teaches children concepts related to Easter to help them gain a better understanding of the holiday. Select games that are appropriate for the number of children present.

Egg Race

Divide a group of children into two groups for an egg race. Line each team up and give each child a plastic egg. Have children hop like a rabbit with the egg in their hands until the reach the other side of the room, where they can place the egg into an Easter basket. Award prizes for the team that finishes first. As a variation, place two plastic Easter eggs on the ground and have children move them towards a finish line using only their nose, or by blowing on the egg. Award Easter themed prizes for the child that finishes first.

Egg Guess

Fill plastic Easter eggs with a variety of small items. Include coins, candies, soft small toys, and rubber balls. Have the children take turns shaking each egg and guessing what is inside. After each child has guessed, open the egg and award the item to the child who guessed correctly.

Easter Memory

Create small flash cards with pairs of Easter pictures. You can create the game using only images of colored eggs (red eggs, green eggs, patterned eggs) or by using a variety of Easter images such as a lamb, Easter rabbit and basket. Make two flashcards with each image. Place all of the flash cards face down and allow the child to pick two. The child can view the two flashcards, then place them face down in the same spot. When the child matches two flashcards, he gets to keep the cards. When playing the game with a group, award prizes for the child with the most matches.

Bunny Hop

This game is played like Duck, Duck, Goose. Have children sit in a circle, with one child standing . The child standing hops around the circle, touching the head of each child saying "Bunny, bunny" until he reaches the person he would like to tag as "it." When he touches the head of this child, he says "hop" and the tagged child must stand up and hop after the first child. If the tagged child does not catch the first child, he is then "It" and goes around the circle in the same manner.

Bunny Tail

Place a large picture of a bunny onto the wall. Give children cotton balls in various colors with double sided tape on one side. Have children close their eyes and try to place the tail on the picture of the bunny. Award a prize for the child that places the tail nearest to the correct spot.

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