Easter Word Search Activities

An Easter word search is a way to educate children with spelling, reading and vocabulary associated with the holiday. Although Easter is a religious holiday, it has also become commercialized with the creation of the Easter bunny, egg hunts, decorations and baskets. Word searches can be created to include religious themes, secular commercialized themes or even a combination.

Religious Easter Word Search

A religious Easter word search is one that includes words from the teachings of the bible or church. Choosing whether or not to incorporate secular Easter traditions into the word search is a personal choice, but may make the activity more fun for your child. Words will vary based on your church's teachings, but children should be able to find them if given a word bank. As your children complete the word search, encourage them to ask you about any terms or words unfamiliar to them. This not only makes the word search interactive, but it also adds to the educational value of the activity.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a popular tradition in neighborhoods and towns. Incorporating an Easter egg hunt into a word search can be fun too. Use a large variety of Easter-related words, but also hide a number of colors in the puzzle as well. An introduction to the word search could tell the children that the Easter bunny dropped his egg basket in the pond, and all of the colors washed away into the puzzle. Children are then encouraged to help the Easter bunny by finding the colors in the word search, which are hidden along with other Easter words.

Easter Word Search Treasure Hunt

An Easter word search treasure hunt is an activity that concludes with an exciting finish. The word search is created so that unused letters spell out a clue. The clue tells the children where a hidden secret lies. That secret could be an Easter basket, a plastic egg stuffed with candy or any other type of surprise. If multiple children are playing, it is best that the secret prizes be labeled for each child so that the first one there doesn't take the entire treasure.

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