Easter Craft Ideas for School Children

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School children enjoy making crafts for any occasion. Easter presents a wide array of crafting opportunities that children can make easily and inexpensively. You'll enjoy helping them make an Easter egg tree from pipe cleaners, a baby chick from an egg carton or a foam bunny using Styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners.

Easter Egg Tree

Make an Easter egg tree for the classroom with pastel-colored pipe cleaners. You can make the tree as large and as elaborate as you need, so there is room for each child to contribute a decoration. To make a three-dimensional tree, begin by bending six pipe cleaners in half to form an "L." Gather the pipe cleaners together, so one part of the L from each one is facing a different direction, making a base for your tree. Use another pipe cleaner to tie the base together. Continue making the tree trunk as high as you need by hooking groups of six straight pipe cleaners together. Create your tree branches with pipe cleaners coming off of the tree trunk at various heights, all around the tree. Older school children can help you make the tree, or let them make smaller, individual trees for themselves. School children of any age can make decorations for the tree from sheets of construction paper or colorful foam cut in the shape of eggs. Glitter glue, crayons, acrylic paint and flat-backed rhinestones are some of the craft supplies kids can use to decorate the eggs. Punch a hole in the top of each egg and hang them on the Easter egg tree with strands of thin ribbon.

Baby Chick Candy Holders

Have each child bring in an empty egg carton to make baby chick candy holders for Easter candy. You only need three egg cups to make this fun and simple Easter craft, so if someone forgets a carton, the other children can share. Separate three egg cups from the carton, keeping a small amount of the carton around the rim of each cup. This will make it easier to glue the cups together. One cup will be the chick's body, one will be its head and the other you can cut in half for the chick's wings. Stand the body egg cup on the table and glue the head cup onto the front, perpendicular to the body. If you're using cardboard-type egg cartons, you can staple the pieces together. Cut the remaining egg cup in half, and glue or staple it to the sides of the body for the chick's wings. Let the children paint their chicks yellow, or other pastel colors. They can draw the eyes with a black marker and even glue a tiny triangle of egg carton on for a beak. Fill the chick with Easter grass and individually wrapped candies for a special take-home treat.

Simple Foam Bunny

Younger school-age children will enjoy making these simple Styrofoam bunnies for their Easter craft projects. Each bunny is made from a small and medium-sized foam ball, one for the head and one for the body, that the children can paint any color they choose. They can attach the small ball on top of the larger ball with a toothpick or craft glue. Shape pipe cleaners for the bunny's ears, arms and feet, and insert them into the foam. The children can glue a cotton ball onto the back for a cute little bunny tail.

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