Homemade Easter Treats


Baskets full of Easter treats bring a smile to everyone's face. Stores stock aisles full of pastel holiday sweets, but the taste and creativity don't come close to those you make at home. Make your own treats to fill a child's Easter basket, share with co-workers as the holiday nears or serve at an Easter dinner for family and friends.

Basket Cupcakes

Your favorite cupcakes transform into an edible Easter basket with a few decorations. Remove the liner from each cupcake and cover the sides with chocolate frosting. You can use the basket-weave icing technique to create a more realistic look. Spread a layer of green frosting on the top of each cupcake. To create edible Easter grass, add a few drops of green food coloring to a bowl of coconut. Stir until the green coloring dyes all the coconut pieces. Sprinkle the coconut on top of the green icing. Use a piece of licorice or a pipe cleaner to create a handle for each cupcake basket. Place jelly beans or other egg-shaped candies on top of each one.

Edible Nests

Create edible nests with chocolate and chow mein noodles. Chocolate-flavored almond bark offers a simple glue for the chow mein noodles; it is easy to melt and hardens as it cools. Follow the directions on the package to melt the almond bark. Stir in a spoonful of peanut butter if desired. Place a container of chow mein noodles in a bowl. Pour the chocolate mixture over it, stirring until all the pieces are coated. Place spoonsful of the mixture into paper cupcake liners to create the nest shape. Use the spoon to make an indentation in the middle. Place the nests in the refrigerator to help the chocolate set. Put a few jelly beans or egg-shaped candies in each nest before serving. Another option is to place the nests in cellophane bags, tie with a ribbon and pass them out as a take-home treat.

Candy Carrots

Make carrot treats to leave for the Easter bunny; everyone will want to eat the ones left over. Use clear, disposable pastry bags to create the pointed shape for the carrots. You can find them in craft stores with the cake decorating supplies and . Fill the bags with orange jelly beans or other small candies. Leave about three inches at the top of the pastry bag. Cut two squares of green tissue paper for each carrot. Place the squares on top of each other and grab them in the middle and twist to make the green tissue resemble the top of a carrot. Tuck the point of the tissue paper into the top of the pastry bag, twisting both the bag and the paper to hold it closed. Tie it with green raffia or ribbon.

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