How to Make Easy Easter Baskets for Teachers


In a time when budgets constrain big gifts, you can make a simple, inexpensive but appreciated Easter basket for your child's teacher. Teachers get loads of candy--and sometimes just throw the candy away or give it away. Why not fill a basket with goodies that your child's teacher actually will use? This project centers around any basket you have, as long as it has sturdy handles.

Step 1

Select a woven basket from around your house or purchase one from a second-hand goods store. Make sure the basket has a sturdy handle and that the woven strips are intact. Natural-fiber woven baskets are ideal for this project, but you can use any cute basket you have on hand.

Step 2

Fill your basket with your choice of gift packing filler. Avoid the typical plastic Easter grass and try brown crinkle-cut filler, advises the Homemade Gift Baskets website. Crinkle-cut filler is made of paper and gives a more subtle, natural feel to the gift basket. Green, yellow, pink and white also work well.

Step 3

Place your goodies in the basket. This is where you and your children can get creative. A "coffee break" Easter basket for a teacher is a great alternative to a candy-filled one. Select a box of chocolaty tea, a package of hot chocolate, a bag of coffee, some chocolate-dipped biscotti, or other coffee-related items. Also, consider making a chocolate coffee spoon. This is a homemade project that will make the gift more special--and your children can help. See the Resources Section for the recipe. Make the gift basket feel more like an Easter basket by focusing on pastel colors.

Things You'll Need

  • Woven basket with handle
  • Gift packaging material
  • Boxed tea
  • Bagged coffee
  • Colorful mug
  • Prepackaged coffee cake


  • Crinkle Cut Filler
  • Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Who Can Help

  • Recipe for Chocolate Coffee Spoons
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