Easter Outreach Ideas

Easter, the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the perfect time to reach out to the community to talk about Christ. Rather than preach to people who may not be receptive, create entertainment through songs, plays, and special events to catch their attention.

Easter Plays

Create an Easter play telling the story of Christ's death and resurrection. Enlist people from the congregation including children. Start rehersal one-and-half months to two months before the play starts to allow plenty of time to go over lines and songs. As the time draws nearer, hold rehersal several times a week. Create flyers and encourge church members to pass them out to friends, family, and other community members. Also consider placing an advertisement in the local papers and be sure to advertise it outside on the church marquee.

Easter Egg Hunts

Host an Easter egg hunt on the church property. Hide plastic eggs under bushes, on the grasses, in the church marquee, and on statues. Stuff the egg with non-melting candy and include a Bible verse the size of a fortune in a Chinese fortune cookie. To make the event more enticing to the community, set up games for the kids and inflatable moon bounces, and serve baked goods.

Easter Caroling

Gather church members, including those in the youth group, and take them Easter Caroling. Sing songs such as "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" and "I am the Resurrection and the Life" to shut-ins and elderly people in your neighborhood, those in nursing homes, and unsaved people in your community. Bring along Easter cookies and candy to hand out while caroling.

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