Children's Easter Party Ideas

Easter is a colorful holiday, beloved by children for its popular mythology. However, you can do more with Easter than just hide a basket for a child. Having some friends over can make the holiday all the more enjoyable. Throw an Easter party this year that will give your child and her friends something to remember for years to come.


Decorating the children's Easter party the right way will create an unmistakable Easter theme. A large, stuffed bunny toy acts as a greeter for your guests when they come in the door. Flowers or flower petals in pink and yellow evoke the season of spring. If you are more religiously minded, get a Easter morning mural to hang at your party.

Egg Hunt

The classic game for Easter is the egg hunt. Depending on space availability and weather conditions, you can hide painted eggs outside or in. Remember the age of the children involved when hiding eggs. To make the egg hunt more equitable, tell each child to hunt for eggs in a specific color and take the competitiveness out of it. Particularly for younger kids, this makes an egg hunt far more enjoyable and no one has to worry about going home empty handed.

Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs is a lot of fun. Decorating them in a group can be more fun. Decorating eggs at your Easter party is a non-competitive and fun way to bring out the creative side in every child. Have lots of non-toxic, Easter egg friendly paints and decorations on hand. This is an activity even the smallest children can enjoy.


Egg races are another classic Easter activity. Use hard-boiled or plastic eggs to avoid a mess. Have kids carry an armload of eggs or just a single one in a teaspoon. If an egg gets dropped it must be picked up. The first child or team to make it to the finish line wins. Another idea for a race is the bunny hop race, where children race in the form of a bunny hop. Increase the challenge (and teamwork) for either of these races by making them into a relay race.

Miscellaneous Easter Games

Turn the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" into "Pin the Tail on the Bunny" using cotton balls. Play a bunny themed version of "Follow the Leader" with the leader engaging in different bunny style movements. Play a version of "Hot Potato" with a hard boiled or plastic Easter egg.

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