Teen Easter Basket Ideas


Surprise teens with an Easter basket containing items that they will not only enjoy, but think are pretty cool gifts. Teens can sometimes be hard to please because they're at an age in between being a kid and a young adult. We've all been there. And although the "cool teen" is too cool for the Easter Bunny, there's still enough of the "kid" in him that would love to get an Easter basket of cool stuff.

Teen Hobbies & Interests

Teens don't have to play sports or be involved in clubs or extracurricular activities to have other interests. Anything that occupies a portion of their time is usually something they are interested in. Items to consider including in an Easter basket for teen boys include: fishing accessories, golfing gear, stadium seat, hunting gear, electronic games, movies, computer gear, deck of cards, decals for skateboards and magazines. Teen girls are even easier because they are into everything. Some Easter basket ideas related to their interests or hobbies are: makeup, makeup accessories, nail polish and manicure kits, electronic games, computer gear, movies, age-appropriate magazines, pocketbook items, cell phone accessories, date books, journals, memory sticks for computers, iPhones, iPods and any type of stylish clothing. If your teen likes to read, a book of spiritual insight or devotions especially geared for their age would be an awesome gift. Personalize it by adding a note on the inside cover.


Teenagers use music as a way of expressing, finding and sometimes, losing themselves. Consider a CD of one of their favorite groups. It may be necessary to do a little research if you're not familiar with some of their choices, as some of the language isn't suitable for most adults. For teens that like "American Idol," one of the American Idol CDs would make an excellent gift.

Gift Cards

Whoever came up with gift cards was brilliant. Gift cards allow teens to have a little bit of freedom, which teens crave. Think about including a gift card to one of their favorite fast food spots, a gas card or movie passes. Gift cards do not have to be expensive. Most are available beginning at $5. Or consider giving a card and envelope with a little cash.

Personal Care Items

Most parents pass by the pricey, trendy and ever-so-popular personal care products marketed especially for teens when shopping. Surprise them by adding a couple of these in their Easter basket. Shampoos, deodorants, hair care items, a hairbrush, Chapstick, beauty accessories for the girls and body deodorant sprays are popular among teens.


Although energy levels may outgrow the need, no one outgrows the love for candy. Be certain to scatter some of their favorite candy throughout their basket. Individually wrapped candy works well with busy teens.

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