Ingredients to Make a Blue Popcorn Ball

Brightly colored popcorn balls blend the wholesome goodness of popcorn with the excitement of the unexpected. Although they are a sweet treat, you can rest easier knowing that they contain high amounts of fiber, as well. When served at parties, blue popcorn balls are a natural complement to patriotic themes.

Fresh Popcorn

Fresh popcorn is the main ingredient in blue popcorn balls. Popped in a hot air popper or in the microwave, popcorn should be unflavored to make the best popcorn balls. Ten to 12 cups of popcorn makes one batch of popcorn balls. Prepackaged microwave popcorn is not recommended for making popcorn balls.

Corn Syrup/Sugar

Light corn syrup combined with sugar creates a smooth sugary coating for the popcorn and improves the ability to mold the popcorn ball. Mix 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 cup of corn syrup and heat to boiling to dissolve the sugar.

Blue Gelatin

Blue gelatin produces the color in blue popcorn balls. One large package of blue gelatin, often sold as "berry blue," is dissolved in the sugary syrup before the balls are formed. Pour the mixture over the popcorn and mix thoroughly. Form balls with your hands and allow to cool.

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