Cupcake Ideas for July 4

Fancy or fun, cupcakes are simply individualized servings of sweetness. For your Fourth of July celebration, try a variety of cupcake decorations in the traditional colors of the American flag. This collection of ideas covers elegant versions, like glazed cupcakes and cupcakes with cheesecake filling and fruit, or more simple flag design and ice cream cone cupcakes. Try some of these ideas this year to celebrate our nation's birth and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Red Glazed Cupcakes with Blue Frosting

Prepare and bake cupcakes using a white cake mix. After cupcakes have cooled, remove the liner and turn them upside down on a wire rack over a pan. Make a red glaze using orange juice, red food coloring and powdered sugar, like the one suggested at Spoon the glaze over the bottom of the cupcake and allow to dry, then repeat. Pipe prepared blue frosting on the top of the cake so you have a red, white and blue cupcake from the bottom to the top.

Fruit Cheesecake Filled Cupcakes

Make a cherry- or strawberry-flavored cake batter from scratch or a mix. Whip cream cheese with egg, sugar and vanilla or almond extract, and place a tablespoon of this cheesecake mixture in the middle of the cupcake after filling the cupcake pan about two-thirds of the way full with cake batter. Add a touch more batter if necessary, but the filling should settle into the cake. Bake cupcakes. Cool and frost with prepared white frosting of your choice. Use blueberries and cut maraschino cherries to form a star on the cupcake. Put one red cherry in the middle of a blueberry star or put a blueberry at the end of each arm of the cherry star.

American Flag Cupcakes

After preparing cupcakes of any flavor, make or buy white frosting and separate into three portions. Add 8 to 10 drops of red food coloring to one portion of the frosting, and add 10 drops of blue food coloring to another. Make sure you mix the food coloring into the frosting well for uniform color. Leave the remaining frosting white. Frost the cupcakes in the various colors and poke in a small paper American flag on a toothpick. If you're artistic, you can also draw a flag, stars, or stripes directly on the white frosting with food decoration markers.

Cupcake Cones

Prepare chocolate cake batter and pour into paper cupcake liners, filling about two-thirds of the way full. Turn a flat bottomed ice cream cone over on top of the cupcake batter so it will cook up into the cone. After cupcakes have cooled, remove the liner and frost the cupcake. Whipped frosting is the best choice for this project because it helps to fill in the cupcake edges and make it look round, like a scoop of ice cream. Use red and blue sprinkles to alternate putting a red circle of sprinkles in the middle and blue sprinkles around the edges of the cupcake or use nonpareils in red, white and blue. These are a tasty and patriotic party pleaser for kids of all ages!

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