Eagle Pride Parade Float Ideas

The eagle is a symbol of our country, representing the pride we have in our nation. With a wing span of 72 to 90 inches, the bald eagle soars through the skies of North America. It is the top of its food chain and the king of the sky. When this bird sits atop a float, whether during a Fourth of July parade or a Labor Day celebration, it represents courage, dignity, and freedom.

Eagle Pride and the Armed Forces

Prepare this float by starting with a white base. Around the bottom of the float use a scaloped red, white, and blue trim. At the back of the float, position and secure a gigantic bald eagle (about 7 feet tall) made of chicken wire and tissue paper. Let its wings curve slightly. In front of the giant eagle, slightly inside its wings, have representatives from all of the armed forces. Place a banner on the front of the float that says, "Eagle Pride and the Armed Forces."

Eagle Pride and Natural Habitats

To begin this float, start with a green base. Build mountains out of chicken wire and tissue paper or papier mache and build lakes out of blue butcher paper and clear cling wrap to make the water appear shiny. Put a pole at the back of the float and a thin extension to the center of the float. Hang a papier mache eagle with a fish in its talons on the extention. On the front of this float, place a banner saying: "Eagle Pride and Natural Habitats."

Eagle Pride and USA Citizens

Use the image from the early federal reserve notes of an eagle flying while carrying a dollar bill in its talons. Make a large poster of this image and secure it to the back of the float. Have different people dressed in work outfits standing on the float in front of the poster. On the very front of this float, place a banner that says, "Eagle Pride and USA Citizens."

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