How to Pack a Cooler

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Coolers are perfect for packing a lunch to eat at the beach or for taking food on a picnic. You can buy small coolers made for one person or large coolers designed for a family. Once you have the cooler, you will want to pack it correctly so that none of your food gets ruined.

Step 1

Purchase two to four ice packs that are filled with gel. These ice packs are the best at keeping food and drinks cold. Place the ice packs in the freezer the night before you need them.

Step 2

Open your cooler and place one ice pack on each side of the cooler or just use two (one in front and one in back).

Step 3

Lay your drinks in the cooler before the food because the drinks are heavier and may squish your sandwiches if placed on top. It is also important that the drinks were previously refrigerated before going in the cooler.

Step 4

Pack salads and side dishes in Tupperware-like containers. Make sure the lids are on tight so that the food doesn't leak out. Place these containers in the cooler next.

Step 5

Use zipper sandwich bags for packing your sandwiches. It is important to use sandwich bags that can be closed. Otherwise, the sandwiches will become soggy from the melting ice. Place the sandwiches on top.

Step 6

Add some ice cubes to get in between any open areas and to cover the top of the cooler. The extra ice will help the food stay cooler longer.

Things You'll Need

  • Cooler
  • Ice packs
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Ice
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