Unique Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Some people spend the entire year looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. While the purpose of the holiday is to reflect and be thankful for the things we have, Thanksgiving is also the day when many people enjoy one of the best meals of the year. While you can hardly go wrong with the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce, consider some ways in which you could add a new spin to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Traditional Foods in Nontraditional Ways

Serve a Thanksgiving meal consisting of all of the components of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but use them in ways your guests do not expect. Serve a dinner of turkey tetrazzini, twice-baked potatoes, sweet potato bars, cranberry mousse and pumpkin crisp.

Go Vegan

Thanksgiving dinner does not have to be loaded with fat and cholesterol. A "Tofurky feast" is a complete meal for four from Turtle Island Foods, including a turkey-style roast, dumplings, gravy, stuffing and a meatless "wishbone" that you can share with a friend. The meatlike roast may even fool a few carnivores.

Celebrate Your Ethnicity

Design your dinner around your ethnic background. For example, Italians may consider serving a minestrone, a delicious lasagna, a green salad, fresh garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms and Italian cream cake. Try using ground turkey rather than beef or pork in the lasagna.

Go Global

Rather than celebrating just one region of the world, choose an entree from one country or region. Ask all of your guests to bring a side dish, dessert or beverage reflecting another culture or country and enjoy a potluck from all over the world.

Celebrate Your Region

Use the flavors of your region to spice up your meal. If you live in the South, spice up your turkey with a Cajun rub and substitute the pumpkin pie with a sweet potato one. If you live in New England, serve a lobster bisque or clam chowder and blueberry pie.

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