How to Tie a Turkey Before Cooking


Tying a turkey, or trussing, ensures that the wings and legs cook evenly. It also helps make the presentation of the turkey look a lot neater. Although it's not necessary, many people prefer to tie their turkey up for special occasions--like thanksgiving. Tying the turkey does not take long, and all you needs is some kitchen twine. Purchase your twine from any grocery or kitchen store.

Step 1

Prepare the turkey as you normally would. If you stuff or brine your turkey, do so before tying it up.

Step 2

Hold the drumsticks of the turkey down so that they are laying flat against body. Loop the twine around the body and over the drumsticks. Tie the twine into a knot.

Step 3

Pull the twine up around the turkey and over the turkey's wings. Tie the twine into knot to keep the wings secure.

Step 4

Pull the twine up to the top of the turkey, and tie the twine into a knot over the flap of skin. Cut off any excess twine. Cook the turkey as normal.

Things You'll Need

  • 5 ft. kitchen twine
  • Scissors


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