Easy Edible Thanksgiving Crafts


Edible cornucopias are easy-to-make crafts that you can use as a prop for place cards or as part of the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. For another simple Thanksgiving craft that's edible, make decorative pastries filled with sweet treats.


Waffle cones are the right size and shape for easy edible cornucopia treats. If you have the time and are so inclined, make your own waffle cones. Otherwise, add them to your list of supplies for this craft. The other ingredients for the cornucopia include candy corn, raspberries, blueberries, cherries and any variety of nuts. You'll need something to hold the candy, fruit and nuts in place inside the cone. Ready-made cream cheese icing is a good choice; it's easy to use and goes well with the fruit, nuts and candy corn. Use any kind of canned icing to hold the goodies in place. Use prepared pie crust to make decorative and tasty pastry shapes filled with chocolate or peanut butter. You'll need cookie cutters in leaf, turkey or other Thanksgiving designs, along with your choice of chocolate chips, cream cheese or marshmallow crème. You'll also need an egg to make an egg wash and raw sugar for an extra touch of sweetness and sparkle.


Before you fill the waffle cones with fruit, nuts and candy, spread a thin layer of icing along the inside of half the cone. Lay the cone on its side, just like a real cornucopia, and fill it with your favorite small berries, nuts and candy. Making the Thanksgiving puff pastries is not quite as fast as the cornucopia, but it's still easy. Use cookie cutters to cut two shapes from the pie crust for each puff pastry. Place the bottom shape on a cookie sheet and cover the top with your choice of filling. When you cover the filling with the second pastry cutout, pinch around the edges to hold the two pieces together. Spread the egg wash over the top and sprinkle raw sugar over the egg wash before you bake them for about 12 minutes in a 375 degree oven . Make as many of these edible Thanksgiving crafts as you have supplies, both kids and adults will enjoy them.

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