How to Make An Edible Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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It is always fun to have kids around Thanksgiving time. One way to get them involved during this joyful event is by making an edible cornucopia. Traditionally made of weaved baskets shaped like a cone, a cornucopia serves as a container or carrier for harvested fruits or vegetables symbolizing abundance. Eating the edible cornucopia keeps hands busy while the main Thanksgiving dishes await preparation.


Step 1

Line the kitchen table with a baking or pastry liner. This becomes the assembly line to avoid mess.

Step 2

Place 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate morsels in a bowl. Place the bowl in a microwave uncovered. Then, microwave on high for 1 minute, remove and stir. Microwave again every 10-20 seconds and continue stirring in between intervals until smooth.

Step 3

Dip the sugar cone up to 3/4 from bottom. To do this, hold the cone by the mouth or opening then dip quickly. Place each dipped cone on the pastry liner.

Step 4

Sprinkle ice cream sprinkles on the chocolate while it is still hot so that the sprinkles stick. Allow the cones to cool down before proceeding to the next step to keep cornucopia's outer coat smooth.

Step 5

Place a spoonful of chocolate or vanilla icing inside the sugar cone. Spread it with a spoon or small plastic spatula. The icing will hold the fillings inside the cone when served.

Step 6

Add the fillings. Place small round cookies, chewable chocolate candies inside. Add nuts and gummy bears. You can mix them all up together or you can fill in each cone with single fillings.

Step 7

Add more icing close to the mouth to keep the top from spilling over the contents.

Step 8

Line the completed edible cornucopia on a tray. Serve as dessert.

Tips and Warnings

Find candies and cookies shaped in turkeys or fruits so that the edible cornucopia would look more appropriate for Thanksgiving. Use precaution when handling the melting chocolate to avoid burns.

Things You'll Need

Large sugar cones , Chocolate or vanilla icing, Chocolate morsels , Ice cream sprinkles, Spoons , Spatulas , Nuts, Chewable candies such as gummy bears, Chocolate candies , Cookies, Tray

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