Turkey Cookie Crafts for Kids

Edible turkey crafts make an entertaining rainy day activity as Thanksgiving approaches. These crafts also work well for a kids' Thanksgiving party or as entertainment at a family Thanksgiving dinner. Many turkey cookie craft ideas are simple enough for kids of all ages to create either with or without adult assistance.

Sandwich Cookie Turkeys

Two chocolate sandwich cookies create the turkey body for this edible craft. Separate one cookie, placing half on a plate with the frosting side up. Press the second cookie upright, using the base cookie's icing to hold it in place. A malted milk ball makes the head of the turkey, held in place with royal icing. Use more icing to attach the candy corn pieces, creating the turkey's feathers.

Sugar Cookies

Choose a turkey cookie cutter to use with your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Your kids will enjoy using the cookie cutters to create Thanksgiving sugar cookies, decorated in brown, orange, yellow and red icing. They can also use sprinkles and candies to decorate the edible turkey crafts. If you want to make cookie pops, press a wooden craft stick or lollipop stick into the cookie dough before baking, just roll out the dough thicker than usual to accommodate the stick. Wrap the turkey cookie pops in a cellophane bag for a creative favor at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Handprint Turkey Cookies

Handprint turkey cookies eliminate the need for a turkey cookie cutter, since the child's hand becomes the template for these turkey cookies. Have your child spread her hand lightly on top of the rolled dough with the thumb serving as the turkey's head and the other fingers as the feathers. She can use a wooden craft stick to trace around her own hand in the dough. Bake the hand turkeys as usual and decorate with frosting and candies.

Round Cookie Turkey

A round sugar or chocolate chip cookie creates the body for another simple turkey cookie craft. A layer of chocolate icing covering the cookie gives the turkey his brown look while also serving as the "glue" for the details. Candies such as candy corn and M&Ms create the feathers and facial details of the turkeys. Frosting in other colors can also be used to add detail.

Sandwich Cookie Balls

This edible turkey uses crushed chocolate sandwich cookies inside the body of the turkey. A block of softened cream cheese mixed with a package of crushed sandwich cookies makes the material pliable so you can shape it into balls for the turkey bodies. Melted chocolate candy wafers are used to create a coating for the cookie balls. A smaller round candy glued to the front of the cookie ball with additional melted chocolate creates the turkey's head. Candy corn glued to the back of the ball creates the feathers.

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