How to Order Thanksgiving Dinner Online

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There are years when you simply don't have time to make Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. This leads many people to order from local restaurants and grocery stores. These aren't the only choices available. One option that many people overlook is ordering online. The internet opens up a variety of new possibilities and makes ordering Thanksgiving dinner as easy as clicking a button.


Step 1

Don't spend all your money in one place. The wonderful thing about shopping online is having access to thousands of different companies. This means that you can order your main course and side dishes from different companies. That way, you and your guests can try the best that the Internet has to offer.

Step 2

Try something new. When you order Thanksgiving dinner online, you have the ability to try the traditional foods of different areas. For example, you order a deep fried turkey from the south. You could also order an apple dressing from New England. You could even have a theme and order all your foods from one region.

Step 3

Choose companies that you can trust. Ask your friends and family to recommend companies that they have ordered from in the past. Also consider ordering from companies that you've seen featured on TV programs. Above all, order from companies that you've personally had success with.

Step 4

Go gourmet. If you live in an area where it's hard to find gourmet foods, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to order from gourmet companies. When you shop online, you'll find several companies that offer side dishes and desserts that have a gourmet twist.

Step 5

Don't wait until the last minute. The biggest mistake you can make is to wait until November to place your order. Many online companies start taking orders months in advance. This is especially true for companies that are famous for the products they sell. Start looking in August and see what the cutoff date is to make sure you get your order in time for Thanksgiving.

Tips and Warnings

You can shop with retailers that sell products from several different companies. Request that your foods be delivered in time to be properly prepared. Make sure the company you shop with offers affordable shipping prices.

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