How to Make Thanksgiving Place Cards

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Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrates family and friends, and encourages us to reflect upon those things we are most thankful for. It is also a holiday about food, and most importantly, the Thanksgiving dinner! Cooking that perfect turkey is important, but so is setting a beautiful Thanksgiving table. One important part of the table is place cards. Read on to see how you can combine the above ideas-family, thankfulness and food-to create easy and unique place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner.


Step 1

Make a list of everyone who is coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Beside each name, write something about them that you are thankful for. For example, you may be thankful for Uncle Jeff's entertaining sense of humor, or Grandma's gentle wisdom. Take some time to really think about meaningful things to write.

Step 2

Fold each notecard in half. This will make a little "tent" so the card can stand up by itself. On the front of the card, write the guest's name in your best handwriting, using a gold or silver pen. You may even want to experiment with a calligraphy pen, or use an embossing gun to emboss the name.

Step 3

Open the card up and on the inside, write why you are thankful for that person. Keep it simple, but sincere. Add a Thanksgiving sticker for decoration, if you wish. Fold the card back up after the ink has dried.

Step 4

Use hot glue to glue one or more fake maple leaves (available in any craft store) to the front of the card, in the upper right or left corner. Create a small bow out of the ribbon and glue it to the stem of the leaf or leaves. Lay the card flat until the hot glue dries.

Step 5

Fold the cards again and place each card on or above each guest's dinner plate. Take some time during the dinner to allow each guest to share what their card says on the inside and encourage other guests to add their own reasons for being thankful for that person.

Tips and Warnings

If you have children, let them help you with this craft. It is a great way to involve everyone in the planning of the Thanksgiving dinner! Do not hot glue too many leaves to your card, or it may be too heavy to stand upright!

Things You'll Need

1 package of unlined 3 X 5 notecards, Thanksgiving stickers of your choice, Gold pen or marker, Small, fake maple leaves in fall colors, Embossing gun, Orange, brown or gold ribbon, Hot glue gun and glue

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