How to Create a Romantic Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving dinner usually involves a big meal with extended family and relatives. However, Thanksgiving dinner can also be an intimate small affair between you and your loved one. Make this holiday a special one between the two of you.


Step 1

Arrange the pumpkins decoratively around the dining room. Place them on top of the mantel, on top of cabinets and shelves, or in a group on the floor.

Step 2

Cover the dining table with a red tablecloth.

Step 3

Write the dinner courses on menu cards and display them at each person’s place setting.

Step 4

Write your name and your date’s name on elegant place cards and situate them on the table.

Step 5

Place the white and yellow roses in a vase and set it as the dining table’s centerpiece. Arrange the orange candles around the vase.

Step 6

Set the dinner plates, silverware, and linen napkins.

Step 7

Dim or turn off the light. Light the candles on the table, and serve dinner.

Tips and Warnings

Mood and ambience are the biggest contributors to romance. Set the mood by playing music you both love, and adjust the candlelight to create the right ambience. Serve a Thanksgiving menu full of sensual and rich flavors to enhance the romantic feeling.

Things You'll Need

4 to 6 small to medium sized pumpkins, Red tablecloth, 2 menu cards, 2 place cards, Bouquet of white and yellow roses, 4 long, orange tapered candles, White linen table napkins, Elegant dinner plates and silverware

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