Harvest Centerpiece Ideas

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Thanksgiving is the time to pull out the decorations and fill the house with holiday cheer. There are so many decorating possibilities when it is harvest time and since there is a big emphasis put on eating ,it only makes sense that table centerpieces will also be significant. There are many centerpieces that can be purchased that are lovely, but with just a bit of creativity and a few resources you can actually make your own centerpiece that will be just as lovely.

Wreath Centerpiece

Gather together a few items for this centerpiece. You will need a large tray or cutting board so that when you assemble your centerpiece you can move it to clean the table or to change the tablecloth. Get a Fall wreath and lay it on the cutting board or tray. Always start assembling with the biggest items first. So place a medium sized pumpkin in the wreath and then add a few medium sized gourds. Next, add a few mini pumpkins, some mini corn cobs, and a couple of pine cones. Use silk leaves in fall colors to fill in any areas where there are gaps. If you would like, you can also add a few pieces of artificial fruit.

Fruit and Flowers Centerpiece

Select a nice large platter that goes with your color scheme. Lay about six artichokes around the platter and then add about six lemons. Top it with a few more artichokes. Use some greenery, preferably leather ferns, but any nice greens will do, and edge the platter with them. Get about six roses, six of your favorite flowers and six sunflowers. Trim the stems to about three inches so they are stubby. Place them around the platter by sticking them inside of the lemons and artichokes to form a bouquet.

Pine Cone and Twigs Centerpiece

Get a fairly large glass bowl. Take a walk around your yard or a local park or nearby field and gather up leaves, twigs and pine cones. If your options are limited then visit your arts and crafts store where you can get exactly what you are looking for. You want to have a good assortment of pine cone sizes. Put one large round pine cone in the middle of the bowl and place smaller pine cones around it. Gather the twigs and place them inside the arrangement and then place some fall leaves in there and maybe a few next to it to make it look like they were falling leaves.

Lemon Lime Centerpiece

This centerpiece is simple to make and looks great in the center of any table. Get a clear glass bowl and fill it with lemons and limes. Get a dozen flowers of your choice---chrysanthemums work great---and snip off the stems to about five inches. Just start placing the flowers one by one throughout the bowl of lemons and limes. When you are finished top it off with some leafy greens around the edges.

Limes, Candle, and Roses Centerpiece

Using a larger clear glass bowl place a larger pillar candle in the center of the bowl. Make sure the candle is a good fall color. Place about eight limes around the candle and then fill the bowl with about three inches of water. Then cut rose stems or any other flower that you like so that they fit nicely in the bowl and also reach the water, about five inches will work fine. Allow a couple of the flowers to rest on the edge of the bowl. Add some leafy greens for accent.

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