How to Make Corn Husk Candle Holders

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Decorating for Thanksgiving is so much fun, especially when using natural elements. After peeling your corn on the cob, set aside the husks to make these delightful candle holders.


Step 1

Lay a candle holder on it's side on top of a corn husk. Mark on the husk the top and bottom of the holder using a black marker.

Step 2

Measure the diameter around the candle holder. Mark the measurements on the husk. Set aside the candle holder.

Step 3

Cut out the dimensions marked on the corn husk.

Step 4

Wrap the corn husk around the candle holder. Trim any excess as needed.

Step 5

Place glue on one short edge of the husk and glue to the candle holder. Wrap rest of the husk around the holder and glue down the other short side. Let dry.

Step 6

Cut a piece of raffia about 6 inches long or to fit around the candle holder. Tie around the center of the holder, and either make a bow or tie in a knot, whichever you desire.

Step 7

Place a candle in the holder and light.

Tips and Warnings

Make different-size candle holders and group together on a small round mirror in the center of your table for a warm centerpiece.

Things You'll Need

Glass candle holders , Corn husks, Hot glue gun, Marker, Scissors, Candles, Raffia ribbon

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