How to Make Leaf Covered Place Cards

Although most people look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving because of the huge home cooked meal, planning a Thanksgiving table can be stressful and expensive. However, this homemade, inexpensive touch can bring the family together, especially because these place cards tell everyone where to sit.


Step 1

Pick fresh leaves off trees during early fall for the bright colors. Gather more than you think you will need. For more contrast in your place cards, choose different styles, shapes and colors.

Step 2

Flatten your leaves. Place a single row of leaves between two sheets of wax paper and place inside a large, heavy book. Repeat this process until you have all of the leaves in wax paper in the book. Leave them in the book for a couple of hours or until they are flat enough for you to work with.

Step 3

Place leaves on the top of the blank place card. Arrange however you desire and attach with glue. Once you have leaves covering the entire front of the card, cut off any excess that hangs over the side of the card.

Step 4

Dilute some glue with water. Normal glue works well over the top of the leaves, adhering them to each other and the card firmly. However, glue in its regular state is too thick for this, so adding just a bit of water to make the glue thinner will make the consistency perfect. Using diluted glue, carefully glide a sponge over the leaves until completed covered. Leave card to dry.

Step 5

Use the permanent marker to write in the name of your guest inside the card. Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for all of your other guests' cards.

Tips and Warnings

Buy blank place cards in many different sizes and colors at your local craft or paper store. Leaves that are originally flat work the best. Red leaves tend to lose their color with glue. Make only a day or two in advance because the leaves will break off.

Things You'll Need

Blank place cards, Leaves, White glue, Sponge, Water, Permanent marker, Wax paper, Heavy book

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