How to Make Thank You Boxes for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time that family gathers together to celebrate with an elaborate dinner that takes all day to prepare. The importance of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what we have and for our family and friends. Have your child create a thank you box so each family member can write a message of thanks and place it in the box. Right before dinner have the head of household read all of the notes of Thanksgiving.


Step 1

Find a shoe box that reflects the size of your family coming to dinner. If you have a large family of 20 to 30 people coming to dinner, then a small shoe box won't do. Find a box that is sized appropriately for the number of guests you expect.

Step 2

Cut a hole in the top middle of your box. This hole should be a small rectangle big enough to slip paper in easily.

Step 3

Cover your shoe box with construction paper. Start with a yellow color for the base and glue it on. Glue some on the lid as well.

Step 4

Write with your permanent marker on one side of the box. Spell out "THANKS".

Step 5

Create Thanksgiving Day shapes with the rest of your construction paper and cut them out. Some Thanksgiving shapes you can use are pumpkins, acorns, corn, apples, turkeys, pine cones, pilgrims, Indians, pumpkin pie, leaves, and a family sitting down to eat together. Glue your decorations on to the box.

Step 6

Have each family member fill out a slip of paper with at least one thing they are thankful for as they arrive at your house for Thanksgiving. Show them the box you made and have them place their note of thanks in to the box.

Step 7

Read the notes of thanks just before you eat your dinner. Everyone should be encouraged to appreciate all of the suggestions and ponder them in their hearts.

Tips and Warnings

Family members can contribute their note of thanks anonymously. If you like painting you can paint on the Thanksgiving decorations instead of making them from construction paper and gluing them on.

Things You'll Need

Shoe box, Scissors, Glue, Construction paper, Sheets of notebook paper, Pens or pencils, Permanent Marker

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Photo by: Mari Carmen Guinovart

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