How to Make Vegetable Garnishes for Thanksgiving Decoration

Give the Thanksgiving dinner table a gourmet feel by using fresh vegetables to create autumnal decorations. The materials are budget friendly and each craft is easy to execute. Instead of using commercial decor, the organic designs of these three vegetable garnishes keep the Thanksgiving mood natural.


How to Make Miniature Pumpkin Candleholders

Step 1

Cut around the top of a miniature pumpkin with a knife. Cut a hole around the stem at least 2 inches across in diameter. Remove the center piece with the stem.

Step 2

Use a melon baller to scoop out the inside of the miniature pumpkin. Pay attention to the bottom of the pumpkin inside. Make sure it is level enough for a candle to sit without tipping to the side.

Step 3

Place a tealight candle in the bottom of the miniature pumpkin. Repeat with as many miniature pumpkins as you want to use on the table or for decorations. Use whole cloves to make Jack-o-lantern faces on the pumpkin candle holders, if desired. Push the pointed end of a clove into the rind of the pumpkin. Use one each for eyes, one for a nose and a curved line for a smile.

How to Make Cranberry and Apple Wreaths and Pyramids

Step 1

Choose a foam craft wreath or cone in the size you want for your decoration. Choose either cranberries or small Yate apples for the design.

Step 2

Push the sharp end of a toothpick into the small end of a fresh cranberry to make a hole, if you are using cranberries. Pull it out and push the blunt end into the hole in the cranberry leaving the sharp end poking out. Push the sharp end of the toothpick into the craft foam until the cranberry is pushed all the way against the surface. If you are using Yate apples, use the same technique with two or three toothpicks for each apple for a stronger hold.

Step 3

Start at the bottom on the craft foam pyramid and work your way around and up, layering cranberries or apples. If you are making a wreath, start on one side and continue adding fruit in the same direction until the entire front and sides of the wreath are covered with apples or cranberries. If you used apples, add cranberries between the apples to fill in any bare spaces where the craft shows through.

Step 4

Place the flat side of the wreath on the Thanksgiving table and place a candle in the center. Or place two or three cranberry pyramids of varying heights in the center of the table for a centerpiece.

How to Make Geese From Yellow Squash

Step 1

Take three or four yellow squash with pronounced crooks in the skinny part of the neck, near the stem. Chop off the bottom of the squash through the large round bulb on the bottom so it will sit flat on the table. The crooked neck should point up.

Step 2

Pretend the little green stem is the beak of the goose. Place a whole clove on either side of the goose's "head" by pressing the sharp point into the yellow squash.

Step 3

Place three or four yellow squash geese of different heights on a platter in the center of the table, or place them scattered throughout the Thanksgiving buffet.

Tips and Warnings

Use lemon juice on apples and squash to keep them from turning brown while on display. Do not use frozen cranberries. Always use fresh cranberries.

Things You'll Need

Miniature pumpkins, Knife, Melon baller, Tealight candles, Whole cloves, Craft Styrofoam cones or wreaths, Fresh cranberries, Small apples, such as Yate, Toothpicks, Yellow, crooked neck squash

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