How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

What better Thanksgiving decoration is there to display in your bathroom than a toilet paper roll turkey? These recycled toilet paper rolls turn into cute little turkeys and can be displayed throughout your home. With a few materials and a little bit of time, you can have several of these little guys ready to go.


Step 1

Remove all of the paper and other debris from the old toilet paper roll.

Step 2

Plug in the hot glue gun to get it warmed up and ready to be used.

Step 3

Paint the toilet paper roll brown with craft paint, and let it dry.

Step 4

Lay a piece of white construction paper down on a flat surface and paint 1/3 of it red, 1/3 yellow, and 1/3 orange. Allow the paint to dry before completing the next step.

Step 5

Fold the painted construction paper in the shape of a fan. You can make the fan as tight or open as you like, and it may be easier for smaller children to make more open fans with fewer folds. Fold the fan in half when you are done, so that it forms sort of a seashell shape.

Step 6

Using hot glue, apply the folded fan to the back of the painted toilet paper roll with the fan part pointed out. This forms the tail of your toilet paper roll turkey.

Step 7

Draw a circle onto a piece of white construction paper to use as the turkey's head.

Step 8

Color the circle brown with markers or crayons to match the turkey's body and draw a beak onto it.

Step 9

Cut the circle out, and apply it to the front of the turkey's body with hot glue.

Step 10

Draw a waddle shape and two crown shaped feet on a piece of white construction paper.

Step 11

Use markers or crayons to color the waddle and feet red. Cut them from the paper and glue them onto the front of your turkey's body.

Step 12

Place two dots of hot glue on the front of the turkey's face and apply the wiggly craft eyes.

Step 13

Place your turkey on a shelf in the bathroom or other location around your home.

Tips and Warnings

Punch a hole in the top of your turkey and tie a string to it to be able to hang your turkey up. Fold the tail into a tighter fan shape to make more intricate feathers. Be careful when using a hot glue gun to avoid getting burnt.

Things You'll Need

Cardboard toilet paper rolls, White construction paper, Red, orange, yellow, and brown craft paint, Paintbrushes, Crayons or markers, 2 Wiggly craft eyes, Hot glue, Hot glue gun

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