How to Make a Thanksgiving Pinecone Wreath

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A wreath is not just for Christmas. You can get more use out of your wreath and create an inviting front door by crafting a pinecone Thanksgiving wreath. Keep it for yourself or give it to your Thanksgiving dinner hostess as a thank you gift. This craft is so simple that it would also make a great child's Thanksgiving gift for Grandma.


Step 1

Choose a grapevine wreath. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from large circles to small hearts. A large, sturdy choice is best for holding pinecones. You can buy a grapevine wreath at any local craft store, or if you live close to a vineyard, you can make your own.

Step 2

Choose your pinecones. Large cones will cover the wreath easier but are heavier and will take more glue to secure them. You may also wish to spray paint all or just some of your pinecones gold for a splash of Thanksgiving color.

Step 3

Use a hot glue gun to secure the pinecones to the wreath. First, place the pinecones on the wreath to test how you want them to fit. You may wish to have them all facing upright, or perhaps you would rather have them laying on their sides. After you have determined the pattern, begin to glue the pinecones to the wreath.

Step 4

Use a hot glue gun to secure acorns and chestnuts in between the pinecones. You may also add fake fall leaves to your wreath, although you don't want to overwhelm the pinecones.

Step 5

Wrap your ribbon around the wreath and secure with the hot glue. You can create one large bow, or wrap the ribbon entirely around the wreath. Experiment with different designs until you have found one that you love, then use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbon. Hang the wreath on your door and enjoy.

Tips and Warnings

A Thanksgiving pinecone wreath looks best when natural materials are used, although some may wish to add a whimsical touch, such as a small felt turkey. Be careful when using hot glue guns around children.

Things You'll Need

Grapevine wreath, Pine cones from your yard or local craft store, Wire-edged ribbon in a Thanksgiving print, Hot glue gun, Hot glue sticks, Spray paint, Chestnuts, acorns or other fall accessories

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