How to Make Fall Leaf Garland

Fall leaf garland is a unique way to not only decorate your home for Fall and Thanksgiving, but to let everyone know exactly what you are thankful for in your life. This is a good craft for children to make to help decorate the home, and they can write one thing or person they are thankful for on each leaf of their garland to give it a more personal touch.


Step 1

Choose a large leaf from outside of your home. Maple leaves work well, but any large leaf will work. Make sure the leaf has some life left in it, and will not crumble and fall apart. You can choose several different types of leaves to make your garland more creative.

Step 2

Trace the shape of the leaves onto red, yellow, orange, and brown construction paper. You can make as many leaves as you want, but the more leaves you make the longer your garland will be.

Step 3

Cut out the construction paper leaves.

Step 4

Cut a long piece of yarn to use as the base for the garland. Make it as long as you want your garland to be.

Step 5

Write one thing or person that you are thankful for on each of your Fall construction paper leaves. You can sprinkle some glitter onto your leaves to make the sparkle and shine.

Step 6

Glue or tape the leaves to the piece of yarn. Try to leave at least 2-3 inches of space between each leaf on the piece of yarn, so that they do not become crowded.

Step 7

Hang your Fall leaf garland up on a wall, in a doorway, or wrap it around a banister in your home. Visit the resource link below for more fall craft ideas.

Tips and Warnings

Place pictures of family members or items that you are thankful for on your leaves to make your garland more creative. Supervise young children who are using scissors.

Things You'll Need

Red, yellow, orange, and brown construction paper, Tape or glue, Yarn , Family pictures (optional), Markers or crayons, Large leaves from outside that are still somewhat alive, Scissors, Glitter (optional)

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