How to Make an Autumn Harvest Table Cloth

Instead of spending oodles of time and money trying to find just the right holiday table cloth, why not make your own? Gathering the family to decorate the cloth with their own sweet inspirations will make it more special and perfect than anything you could buy. Here is an autumn themed table cloth craft for the whole family to enjoy.


Step 1

Cut the fruits and veggies in half the long way, creating a profile of the food item.

Step 2

Choose a work area that is easy to clean up because this project can get messy. Cover the area with newspaper for protection and lay the tablecloth out in your work space.

Step 3

Using the sponge brush, apply paint to the cut side of the fruit or vegetable you are going to work with first.

Step 4

Press the paint-prepped fruit or vegetable face down firmly onto the table cloth. Be careful to hold it in one spot and not drag it.

Step 5

Repeat this process over the entire table cloth, alternating foods, and using a pattern of your inspiration. Make a border around the table cloth if you like.

Step 6

Once the paint is dry, draw tiny details such as stems and seeds on the foods.

Step 7

Repeat the process to create matching napkins.

Step 8

Let the project dry at least one hour before using it.

Tips and Warnings

This is a great project for any season. The key is in choosing the right food. The fruits and vegetables have to be firm in order for the paint to transfer properly. Artichokes and mushrooms would be other good choices, whereas watery foods like tomatoes and melons will not work. Do not attempt to do this project in a carpeted area. No matter how careful you are it is very likely that paint will end up on the floor.

Things You'll Need

Knife, Plain table cloth, Plain napkins , Newspaper, Fabric paints, Sponge brush , Permanent markers, Apples, Pears , Peppers

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