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Thanksgiving place card holders provide a useful function to hostesses and guests. They inform guests about the seating arrangement for the Thanksgiving celebration. Hostesses purchase or make Thanksgiving place card holders. Creating homemade Thanksgiving place card holders presents a great way to involve the family in the Thanksgiving celebration. Place card holders add to the overall décor of a Thanksgiving table.


Thanksgiving place card holders inform family and friends where they sit at the Thanksgiving meal. Place card holders sit at each place setting, holding a person's name. Besides informing guests about their seat, Thanksgiving place card holders add to the décor of a Thanksgiving Day table. They compliment a Thanksgiving centerpiece or add to the overall table theme. Finally, homemade Thanksgiving place card holders serve as a nice memory for time spent together with friends and family, and are items that be taken home. Grandparents, aunts and uncles cherish items made by grandchildren, nieces and nephews.


Individuals can choose to make Thanksgiving place card holders or purchase some. Creating homemade place card holders gets the family involved with preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday. Parents monitor as children assemble various place card holders. Making Thanksgiving place card holders allow individuals to utilize fresh gourds, pine cones and fruit. They make a nice keepsake for family members and friends to take with them. A few ideas for creating homemade place card holders include: using pine cones and craft supplies to create turkeys. Then, hot-glue the place card onto the pine cone. Artistically write guests' names on miniature pumpkins or apples, or cut a small slit and insert place cards. Using plain place cards, decorate with acorns and leaves. Another idea is to draw, stamp or attach die-cuts to the place cards. Finally, create symbols that represent Thanksgiving like a pilgrim's hat or cornucopia and ornately write the guests name. Thanksgiving place card holders can be purchased at many home décor stores. Individuals can find place card holders of many designs; it comes down to personal preference. When place card holders are purchased, they can be used year after year. It can save individuals time during a busy time of the year.


There are several benefits to using Thanksgiving place card holders. The obvious benefit is that it informs guests where they are to sit for the Thanksgiving meal. This is important if there are a large number of guests attending the Thanksgiving celebration. Using place card holders makes sitting down for the meal calm and coordinated. Another benefit to using place card holders alleviates tensions between family and friends by seating them away from each other. One of the biggest benefits for utilizing place card holders for Thanksgiving is that it involves children in the holiday planning. Children can create festive Thanksgiving place card holders while parents supervise the activity.


With a few considerations, Thanksgiving place card holders can be made in advance. These provide a great rainy day activity for kids. The holidays are a busy time, there is no need to wait until the week of Thanksgiving. Consider making several different Thanksgiving designs to serve as place card holders. Multiple designs adds to the overall décor of a Thanksgiving table. Instead of just writing guest's name on the place cards, consider placing a picture of each person in the place card holders. Be creative in name placement.

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When making homemade place cards, consider creating a small gift to act as the place card holder. A few ideas for Thanksgiving place card holders that can be taken as small gifts are personalized cookies, votive candles with guests name written on the candle holder or a small plant. Plant bulbs or fresh herbs in small terra-cotta pots and write the guest's name on the pot. Another useful idea, purchase Thanksgiving place card holders on clearance after the holiday. While it's too late to use them for that year, there are several future holiday celebrations when they will prove useful. Often, individuals can find great deals right after the holiday and sometimes a few days before the holiday.

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