How to Make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Kids


Many adults get so caught up in Thanksgiving preparations that they forget to involve children in the festivities. Others fear losing the pristine, elegant look of the Thanksgiving table if they allow children to make a centerpiece. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family holidays of the year and children's crafts add an element of warmth to holiday decorations that guests of all ages will appreciate.

Step 1

Cut cardboard tubes to make individual family members. Adults should be taller than children.

Step 2

Cut rectangles out of brown or black construction paper that will fit around each tube and glue the paper to the tubes. This will serve as the pilgrims' bottom layer of clothing.

Step 3

Cut a 2x3 inch piece of pink construction paper and glue it on top of the brown or black paper at the top of the tube. These will be the pilgrims' faces. Use a black marker to draw features such as eyes, nose and mouth. Leave space above the eyes for hair to be glued on.

Step 4

Give each pilgrim hair from yellow, red, brown or black construction paper. Cut the middle out of a piece of rectangular construction paper big enough to wrap around the top of each tube. On each side of the face, cut fringe and then glue the hair to the tubes.

Step 5

Cut collars out of white construction paper and glue them underneath the pilgrims' faces. Decorate these with drawn-on buttons.

Step 6

Construct hats for the female pilgrims. Cut 2x5 inch bonnets out of white construction paper. According to a Better Homes and Gardens article, these should be wrapped "around the top of the tube with the ends overlapped and glued at the back."

Step 7

Make hats for the male pilgrims. Cover a 1 1/2 inch piece of cardboard tube with black construction paper. Then, cut a 3 1/2 inch circle from black construction paper to serve as the brim. Glue the piece of cardboard tube to the circle. To make buckles for each hat, cut out a piece of white construction paper that is a half inch wide. Glue this around the bottom of the piece of cardboard tube serving as a hat. Then, cut a square buckle shape out of yellow construction paper and glue this to the white piece of paper.

Step 8

Cluster the Pilgrim families together at the Thanksgiving table. Add a few festive pumpkins and candles for a more adult feel that will enhance Thanksgiving holiday photographs.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard paper towel and/or toilet paper tubes
  • Scissors
  • White, black, brown, pink, yellow and red construction paper
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Black marker


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