How to Make a Pinecone Turkey Place Card Holder

The turkey is in the oven, the sweet potatoes are cooking, the pumpkin pie is baking and the Thanksgiving table is set. All that is needed are place cards so the guest will know where to sit for the wonderful feast. This is a great project to keep the kids busy while you finish the preparations for dinner.


Making the Pine Cone Turkeys

Step 1

Spread out paper towels or newspaper on your work surface.

Step 2

Cut a 3-inch piece out of the tan pipe cleaner. Fold down the top to form the turkey head. Insert into the front of the pine cone and glue in place. Let dry.

Step 3

Cut two 3-inch pieces of the orange pipe cleaner for the feet. Bend each piece in half and flare out the ends to the side to form the feet.

Step 4

Insert each piece into the bottom of the pine cone for the feet. Glue in place. Let dry.

Step 5

Insert the feathers into the back of the pine cone. Glue in place. Let dry.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each pine cone.

Making the Place Cards

Step 1

Cut the stock card into 1 1/2-by-2 inch cards. Make one for each guest.

Step 2

Write the name of each guest on the cards.

Step 3

Place the place cards into the top of the turkey. Place each pine cone turkey place card in front of the plates on the dinner table.

Things You'll Need

1 pine cone per dinner guest, Orange and tan pipe cleaners, Small craft feathers, Glue, Card stock paper, Scissors, Markers or pens, Paper towel or newspaper

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