How to Make a Turkey out of a Pumpkin

Turkey centerpieces are a must for any children's table on Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are still easy to find at Thanksgiving and usually cost less than at Halloween. Give your children a little lesson about why we celebrate Thanksgiving as you are working together to make this turkey pumpkin.


Step 1

Find and purchase a medium-sized pumpkin.

Step 2

Cut off the pumpkin stem.

Step 3

Stick one skewer in the front of the pumpkin for the face.

Step 4

Cut out a face and neck from brown construction paper. Add a whittle from red construction paper and a beak from orange construction paper. You can glue them on.

Step 5

Glue a pair of google eyes to the turkey face.

Step 6

Tape the face and neck to the front of the skewer.

Step 7

Add five skewers to the back of the pumpkin.

Step 8

Cut out five feather shapes from red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper.

Step 9

Tape each feather on the front of the skewers. The tape should go across the back of the feather and over the skewer.

Tips and Warnings

Use a marker to add lines to the feathers to make them look more realistic. Have an adult cut the stem off the pumpkin. Knives are sharp and can be dangerous for kids.

Things You'll Need

Medium-sized pumpkin, Construction paper, Skewers, Tape, Google eyes, Glue, Scissors, Knife

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