How to Gather and Clean Evergreen Cones for Crafts

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Evergreen trees produce a variety of cones which are a natural decoration for your home. Cones can be set on Christmas tree branches, hold place setting cards at a holiday meal or decorate the corners of the mantel for Thanksgiving. Cones are sturdy for many craft projects and work well in floral arrangements. It is important that the cones you gather be cleaned before you use them in crafts or decorating.


Step 1

Look under evergreen trees for assorted cones. Select dry, open cones that have dropped off of the trees.

Step 2

Wear gloves if sap or pitch is fresh.

Step 3

Gather whole cones and place the cones in an easy carry bag.

Step 4

Spread newspaper on your work surface when you are ready to clean the cones.

Step 5

Take an inexpensive soft bristle toothbrush and lightly brush off the debris from the exterior of the cones.

Step 6

Work the end of the brush into the crevasses of the cone carefully.

Step 7

Discard the refuse into your yard when you're done cleaning. There will be pine needles, dried sap, dirt and possibly insects on the paper. Some cones will have seeds in their openings. When clean, the cones should be stored in bags or boxes until you are ready to craft or decorate with them.

Things You'll Need

Grocery bag, Toothbrush, Newspaper, Gloves, optional

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Photo by: SFaloon 2008

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