How to Make Turkey Gloves for Thanksgiving

Turkey gloves are a great way to help your child dress the part for Thanksgiving. These adorable gloves can be made from a few materials in a couple of minutes, and will allow your child to celebrate Thanksgiving wherever they go. Turkey gloves will be a sure conversation starter and everyone will wonder where you got such cute gloves.


Step 1

Cut two circles a little smaller than the palm of your hand out of the brown craft felt.

Step 2

Use scissors to cut 10 feather shapes out of the different colors of craft felt. Use fall colors such as yellow, red, and orange to keep up the Thanksgiving theme. If you don't know how to make a feather shape, you can make them look sort of like thin rectangles with sharpened pencil points on the end if you like.

Step 3

Make two small triangle beak shapes out of the orange craft felt, and a waddle shape out of the red craft felt with scissors.

Step 4

Using a small amount of hot glue, apply the feathers to the backside of the gloves. You want each feather to start towards the center of the glove and move slightly up each finger almost to the first knuckle. This will give you one feather for each finger.

Step 5

Glue the head of each turkey onto the back of each glove in the center, so that it covers up all of the ends of the feathers.

Step 6

Attach the wiggly craft eyes to the front of the turkey's face with hot glue.

Step 7

Dab a dot of glue under the wiggly craft eyes and glue the beak onto the face of the turkey, and then glue the waddle directly under the beak. The beak can also overlap the waddle for a more realistic look.

Step 8

Allow the hot glue to set completely, put them on and enjoy the compliments that will follow.

Tips and Warnings

Let the hot glue dry completely before trying to wear your gloves. Place the felt pieces on the glove to get an idea on how to arrange them before gluing them down. Be careful when using a hot glue gun.

Things You'll Need

Knit gloves, Red, yellow, orange, and brown craft felt, Hot glue, Hot glue gun, Scissors, 4 Wiggly craft eyes

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