Thanksgiving Makeup Games for Girls


Thanksgiving is a time that friends and family gather together around the same table. It is a time to be thankful. Thankful for great friends, thankful for family and thankful for good times spent together. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to get the children involved. Using simple makeup supplies, celebrating Thanksgiving can take a creative spin.

Turkey Hand Puppets

Girls will love using makeup to decorate their hands like turkeys. By purchasing costume makeup in oranges, reds and browns, each hand can be decorated differently. Begin by deciding which side of the hand will be decorated, and then apply solid black to the palm of the hand. The thumb should be colored brown. Use white makeup or google eyes to create the eyes of the turkey on the top of the thumb. Use orange makeup, or a cutout piece of orange construction paper in the shape of a triangle, to create a beak. Each finger can be painted in a different color of makeup to create the decorative feathers. To get even more creative, actual feathers can be attached to the makeup for a realistic look. Using red construction paper or red makeup, cut out two small circles for the gizzard of the turkey. The gizzard will be placed directly under the turkey's beak. Pipe cleaners or black makeup can be used to draw the turkey's feet. Take pictures of the decorative creations and ask the girls to host their own puppet show before cleaning their hands. Remove the makeup with soap and water. If there are problems with removal, use makeup remover.

Pilgrims & Indians

Thanksgiving is a great time to remind your children about how two different cultures sat down and had dinner together when they had different backgrounds. The Pilgrims and Indians had distinct views on life, on culture and on dressing and makeup styles. To create your own Thanksgiving with Pilgrims and Indians, encourage your children to dress as either a Pilgrim or an Indian. Use makeup to decorate their faces. They can create their own look by placing symbols on their faces. Print out different shapes on a piece of paper that identify traits. Maybe a smiley face means that they are happy, and a heart means they are loving. Have each child decorate her own face using symbols that she feels represent her. Once the children are finished getting ready, take pictures to remember the occasion, and have them sit together and eat like the Pilgrims and Indians did on the first Thanksgiving.

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