How to Make Turkey Napkin Holders for Thanksgiving

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Kids may not be able to help cook the big turkey or make the green bean casserole. They can help decorate the table, however, and add their own personal touch by creating some fun turkey napkin holders. These napkin holders give the table a Thanksgiving look. They are also very fun for kids to make. This craft uses common household items and shouldn't cost anything to make.


Step 1

Lay out some newspapers over your workspace area. This is for protection and so your kids don't get paint all over the place. The newspapers can easily be rolled up and thrown away when done. That means easy clean up.

Step 2

Get a few toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls out. Cut them in to 1 1/2-2 inch rings. The amount you will need to cut out depends on how many guests you are having for Thanksgiving dinner. Cut out as many as you need.

Step 3

Paint the toilet roll rings brown. They are already a shade of brown, but no one wants to think of toilet paper when they are getting ready to eat turkey. Paint the rings brown and they will look much more crafty and original. Set the rings aside to dry.

Step 4

Cut out your turkey pieces while you are waiting for you paint to dry. You will need a rectangular shape with a circle at the top. This will be the turkey's neck and face. Cut out a red wattle, two black circles for the eyes, and 5 oval shaped feathers for the back. The feathers can be multiple colors so have fun with them.

Step 5

Glue the turkey neck and head piece to the front of the brown napkin ring. Both of the holes should be on the sides, not the front and back. Glue the eyes on the top of the head and the wattle down the face.

Step 6

Glue the five feathers sticking up from the back of the brown napkin ring. They should be glued at the bottom, but not at the top. You want to be able to see all the feathers sticking up. You may also need to add some glue where the feathers overlap on the sides.

Step 7

Use the pipe cleaners to make turkey feet. You will need to cut the pipe cleaners to fit because they will be too long. Make sure you have a long enough piece to glue underneath the brown napkin ring. Then the foot should stick out. Wrap a second short piece of pipe cleaner around the foot to hang on both sides forming 3 webbed feet. Do this for both feet.

Step 8

Stick your napkin through the hole in the brown napkin ring.

Tips and Warnings

Use a black marker for the turkey's eyes instead of dealing with two tiny circles. Have your kids wear old clothes so they don't get paint on anything new.

Things You'll Need

Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, Construction paper, Scissors, Glue, Orange pipe cleaners, Brown paint, Paint brush

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