How to Make Homemade Thanksgiving Cards


When the first hint of fall is in the air, it means it won't be long until Thanksgiving arrives. With its arrival comes an opportunity to say a special thank you to friends and family with seasonal greeting cards. Creating a homemade Thanksgiving card makes the gesture even more personal. Because this holiday is about tradition and getting together to share a special homemade holiday meal, making personalized homemade cards for Thanksgiving seems especially appropriate.

How to Make Homemade Thanksgiving Cards

Step 1

Gather your supplies. Choose vibrant colors of fall inspired by autumn leaves and pumpkins in tones of orange, red, yellow, and brown. Look at supplies you have available at home and purchase additional items if necessary. Have glue, tape, and scissors readily available.

Step 2

Consider specific ideas for the design of your card---be creative to make it even more interesting. One example might be cutting a round card in the shape of a smiley face pumpkin pie from orange paper or cardstock. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom and trace a circular item, such as a cereal bowl, onto your paper. Cut your paper circle out with scissors. Leave a 2-inch section uncut in the center of the folded edge. Add a decorative edge that looks like a scalloped pie crust around the entire top outside edge. This is nicely accomplished by using ecru-colored pre-gathered scalloped lace and gluing it to the card with an all-purpose craft glue. A smile and eyes can be created with yarn pieces glued onto the pumpkin pie shape, creating the smiley face pumpkin pie effect.

Step 3

Another idea might be to make a simple design that still provides a special seasonal result. Cut out fall-colored leaves from felt and affix them with all-purpose craft glue to the front of the card. Gather leaves outside, place them on paper, and trace the outlines to create patterns. Cut out the leaf patterns, pin them with straight pins onto the felt, and cut out the felt leaves. Use a black fabric marker to draw lines on the felt leaves for an authentic look. You can also use a computer template to print any seasonal design choice and enhance the design with craft supplies for a homespun look.

Step 4

Create your card on the computer with a template. Follow program instructions to download a template for your desired card format. Many software programs have templates for greeting cards included in the program options. Microsoft Word templates, for example, can be accessed from within the program by clicking on file, new, and templates on in the window that opens. Selections of templates for different greeting cards are available and generally free to download for registered MS Word users.

Step 5

Create a card on the computer without a template. A simple card format to make without a template is a single-sided card folded in an accordion style with two creases. In a word processing program of your choice, format your page by choosing the landscape format; then select the smallest margins allowable for left and right side margins and setup a three-column format. Photos and clipart can be added to your cards by using the insert option to add a picture from your collection of pictures in your documents file by clicking on Insert on the toolbar in MS Word and then clicking on file or clip art to make your choice. A particularly nice touch is achieved by using a photo of a previous personal Thanksgiving event but you can also get excellent results by using seasonal clip art. After printing, fold the paper in three even sections with the first crease on the left of the page folded with the crease pointing toward you and the second crease pointed away from you.

Step 6

Consider the size and shape of your card so that it will fit into an envelope you have available or that you can purchase separately. If you have envelopes left from cards you never used, you may want to fashion your card to fit one. If you choose to do the accordion landscape-style card, it will fit into a standard No. 10 business envelope. Remember: If you are mailing your card, sometimes over-sized envelopes or cards over standard weight require additional postage. Weigh your finished product at the post office to be sure to add appropriate postage for successful delivery.

Step 7

Decide what you want your card to say and write your sentiment in prose or a rhythmic format. Your card is an opportunity to touch someone with your words. Your card can be funny or sentimental. It can be short and sweet or long winded. You're only limited by the space available in your card and your imagination. Hand write your text or print it on a separate page. Cut it to the same size and shape of your card, and use a glue stick to glue it into the card.

Step 8

Review your finished product. Determine if it needs any touch-ups or changes before you sign it and put it in the envelope. Mail or hand deliver your personalized homemade Thanksgiving Card to that very special someone.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock or paper of your choice
  • Craft supplies of your choice
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, pen, markers
  • Software templates (optional)

Who Can Help

  • Microsoft Office Online - Templates
  • Staples
  • Joann Fabrics
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