How to Support Independent Greeting Card Companies

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Let’s face it. Hallmark has a stronghold on the greeting card industry. Walk into any mall and you will see one of their stores. Yet, there are smaller independent greeting card companies trying to break into the industry. These companies often offer custom cards that meet the needs of a well-defined group or geographic area. For this reason, it’s important to support them. One way to do it is to remember the smaller independent greeting card companies around specific holidays like Thanksgiving.


Step 1

Pick an independent greeting card company to support a couple of months prior to Thanksgiving. You can pick more than one greeting card company if you wish. Just be sure the greeting cards are professional, fun and marketable. You will know if all three of these descriptions apply by your immediate response to their line. If you don’t know where to look for an independent greeting card company, check out the Internet or go to your local drug stores. Drug stores will have a variety of greeting cards on their shelves from companies other than Hallmark.

Step 2

Buy around six greeting cards from your selected independent greeting card company. Send five out and keep one to put on a shelf in a visible part of your home. Whenever people call to thank you for the Thanksgiving card you sent them, be sure to explain it’s from an independent greeting card company. Drop this company’s name and tell people where you picked up the card.

Step 3

Show visitors the single greeting card you put on your shelf. Explain that you bought other greeting cards from the same independent greeting card company and decided to keep one for yourself because it was so lovely. This act will perk the interest of your visitors and possibly convince them to buy their Thanksgiving greeting cards or Christmas greeting cards from the independent company.

Step 4

Call ahead to the store you brought your Thanksgiving greeting cards at to see if they have more from the independent greeting card company. Demand is what puts the majority of products on the shelves of a store. If you call them and explain that you want to regularly buy greeting cards from a certain company, it will push them to action. After a while, you will see more and more cards from your chosen independent greeting card company on the shelves.

Step 5

Contact the owner of the independent greeting card company of your choice and ask to make a donation. Donations, especially around the holidays, will be a welcome gesture. You can also let the owner know you are doing it because you believe in their work and love their cards.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure the greeting card you keep on your shelf is just as nice as the one you send out. Don't be to pushy as you tell others about your new greeting card find, it will turn them off.

Photo by: Photo by Chord Board with Wikipedia Commons

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