A List of Food Dishes for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the most festive and elaborate meals of the year and most families have a list of time-honored favorites. Choices are varied, depending on the family's preferences, size and cultural background. For example, a New Mexican tradition is to serve tamales for Christmas. Whatever the menu, Christmas dinner is a time for plentiful food, beautiful table linens and good company.


Many families serve prime rib, lobster, goose, ham or even turkey for Christmas dinner. A combination of meats might be appropriate, especially for large groups (over eight guests).


Popular vegetables for Christmas dinner include roasted brussel sprouts or carrots, creamed broccoli, green bean casserole or mashed potatoes with gravy. Vegetables are often chosen to complement the main dish. More robust vegetables, such as brussel sprouts, go well with prime rib. Salads may include family favorites, such as jello salads or three-bean salads, as well as traditional spinach or Caesar salads.


Many families serve a variety of desserts for the holiday meal, including Christmas pudding and Buche de Noel, two traditional treats; or pies, cakes and cream desserts.

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