Different Types of Christmas Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are common kitchen gadgets that cut rolled out cookie dough into exact and uniform shapes by pressing the cookie cutter directly through the dough. Holiday-themed Christmas cookie cutters are widely available in an array of styles and sizes. Cookie cutters are typically constructed from tin, aluminum, copper, stainless steel or plastic.

For Children

Christmas cookie cutter shapes for children include gingerbread men and girls, candy canes, Christmas bulb shapes, Christmas trees, Santas, Santa in his sleigh, Santa with a toy sack, reindeer, stockings, tin soldiers, nutcrackers, elf boots, elf hats, Santa boots, Santa hats and various sleigh shapes.


Christmas cookie cutter shapes featuring religious themes include Star of Bethlehem shapes, five- and six-point stars, crosses in both plain and Byzantine styles, bells, harps, candle shapes, open bibles and angels in both praying or flying poses. Entire nativity cookie cutter sets are available, and may include a manger with baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Magi, shepherd, camel, donkey, sheep and triangle or rectangular cutters for making the stable.

Nonreligious and Winter Themed

Bells, snowmen, wreaths, mittens, winter hats, holly leaves, plain and fancy ornament shapes, snowflakes, partridges, ribbon/bow shapes, packages, and poinsettia blossoms are all available for nonreligious or winter themes.


Cookie presses are tube-like devices that are filled with cookie dough. Dough is pressed directly onto the cookie sheet through a capped with an ornate extrusion top. Cookie molds are three-dimensional molds into which cookie dough is pressed to form an exact shape and impression. Cookie molds may be for one single cookie, or they may be part of a tray that features several forms. Cookie stamps feature molded designs that you press onto a cookie-sized portion of dough before baking in order to imprint the design on the cookie.

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