Lowfat Homemade Eggnog


The enticing tastes of the holidays can leave you with more pounds than you had before the festive season. Typical eggnog, for instance, can load your system with 254 calories and 19 grams of fat for every cup you consume. You can find ways of enjoying this rich and sweet beverage, however, without giving up healthier options. By substituting ingredients in the traditional eggnog with less fatty choices, you can make a low-fat and tasty holiday drink.

Substitute Eggs with Egg Products

Cut some of the fat in eggnog by replacing the traditional eggs and milk with an egg substitute such as Egg Beaters. Egg substitutes help to eliminate the large amounts of cholesterol found in the yolk of a typical egg. The eggnog will need a yolk-like consistency and taste, so do not attempt to use just egg whites in your recipe, or the eggnog simply will not taste right. There are many variations of egg substitutes, including powdered and liquid versions. If you prefer to keep the egg in your eggnog, you can try a recipe with half real egg and half egg substitute.

Substitute Milk with Skim Milk

Whole milk is very fattening, with 8 grams of fat in every cup. Substitute skim milk for whole milk to reduce the amount of fat in your eggnog. If you do not want to use skim milk, try reduced-fat or low-fat milk instead. Some traditional eggnog recipes will call for heavy creams and evaporated milk. Substituting half and half for heavy cream can cut 8 grams of fat for every 2 tablespoons used. Try using low-fat evaporated milk in place of the fattier versions.


Though sugar is essential to making your eggnog tasty, use less sugar than your recipe instructs. By tasting the eggnog after preparing it, you can judge whether you need more sugar. If you do, simply stir in more sugar and keep tasting to create a beverage as sweet as you want it.

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