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Christmas parties are chances to meet friends, neighbors, relatives and new people. It's a time to enjoy different foods and drinks and relax with the ambiance of the season. If you want to put on a successful Christmas party, there are some ways to make your party memorable. You'll want a theme, which you'll carry through every step from sending invitations to preparing the food.


Christmas party themes add excitement to a party and a sense of mystery. People are curious and want to know more about the party. Some themes give individuals a chance to dress up in costume or experience a different culture. Themes give people chances to learn as well as just have a good time.


Christmas party themes are as varied as Christmas gifts and are left to the imagination of the host. Some focus on countries and cultures, such as parties with a European theme. For parties that focus on England and Scotland, you can cook traditional English dishes or decorate according to the Scottish tradition of plaid. Christmas stories and old movies make for imaginative themes. Consider Dicken's "Christmas Carol" or an American classic, "It's a Wonderful Life." Another popular category is historical era re-creations. Consider the Victorian era, a medieval time or even the Roaring '20s. Play off of the climates of the season. If you live in the South, consider hosting a Winter Wonderland. If you live in the North, host a Tropical Paradise.


Besides Christmas party themes that concentrate on culture, geography, history or classics, there are parties that focus on activities. You can have a Christmas tree-trimming party, a caroling party, a gift giving party for the needy or a fundraiser. These are parties that involve guests to apply their skills or creativity to either help others or enjoy specific holiday traditions.

Time Frame

To prepare for your party, you need to plan well in advance. Invitations should be sent out at least a month before the party; if people need to dress in costume, they need time to plan. Two to three months before the party, research your theme. If your party theme is England, decide on the time period, then research the home decorations and traditional food and dress. If you are planning a party with an American classic theme, such as "It's a Wonderful Life," watch the movie, research the time period and make a list of characters.


In preparation, look to the smallest details for originality. Your invitations should display your theme, such as a picture of Victorian carolers or a handwritten invitation with a wax seal. Store some of your furniture, to make room for authentic decorations. Hire people to greet guests and help serve the food. They can dress in clothing that portrays the theme, such as a gangster from the Roaring '20s. Consider hiring a performer. A magician or juggler works for a medieval theme. The food and drinks should represent the theme, too. Wassail is great for a Winter Wonderland theme and lamb for a British theme. Don't forget the music. Keep to the time period, culture or geography. If your party has an activity-based theme, keep the music light, with plenty of chances to sing along.

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