How to Throw a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

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There's no better way to amass a variety of cookies at the holidays than to have a Christmas-cookie exchange party. Everyone brings a dozen or so of her favorite holiday cookie, along with the recipe, and leaves with an assortment of cookies. Not only is it a fun activity, but it saves you from having to do a ton of baking during the holiday season.

Step 1

Put up a folding table. Add a tablecloth. Set out holiday paper plates and Saran wrap.

Step 2

Spread a tablecloth or runner over your dining-room table. This table can be used for snacks and drinks. Add holiday candles and greenery as a centerpiece if desired.

Step 3

Have each guest bring two dozen cookies, along with the recipe. The recipe should be written on six 3-by-5 inch cards. Each guest then places four cookies from the two dozen he brought on six different plates. Each plate should have 12 cookies on it, of three different kinds. Once there are 12 cookies on one plate, cover it with Saran wrap. Tape a recipe card for each cookie to the outside of the Saran wrap.

Step 4

Have each guest take two plates home, so she has two dozen cookies. Preferably, each guest will get two plates that don't have her own cookies on them.

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